The week that was – 12 january 2018

written by outreadmin

But the prospect of getting back to a busy routine and knowing what day it is again definitely became more attractive south of Boxing Day.

It was also great to be reunited with the creative dream team, fighting design crime and maintaining language order. There was much competitive story swapping on day one: who cracked under the pressure of family time first, who had the most random Christmas lunch and who suffered the worst New Years Eve.

Of course, getting back to the studio also meant rolling up the fairy lights and untangling problems we left on standby at the end of 2017 with a cheerful shrug. As we come to the end of our first full week of 2018 we realised it’s been less about chatting and more about readjusting our eyes to screens and our fingers to typing.

In between letter campaigns, communication strategies and website wireframing we’ve won our first few projects of the year across two continents. And so, with a fresh round of coffee, we reshuffle our to-do lists and plan out our schedules for the month ahead.

Yes sir, it’s 2018 and outré creative is most definitely back on it.

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