The week that was – 27 october 2017

written by outreadmin

It’s sweet because this weekend we’ll be celebrating Halloween. That means everyone’s on day release to eat unlimited amounts of sugar, which you may or may not have to pay for.

It’s bitter because today is the last day that our very talented team member will be working at outré creative. After five and a half years Rebecca has decided to move on to new pastures, and the mood has definitely been sombre.

Rebecca is much loved for her consistently solid office music suggestions and highly reliable spelling ability. Most of all however, she’s known for her impeccable way with words, and her capacity to make the mundane irresistible. She can whip clever content strategy out of her hat, even at 5.29pm.

‘Employee’ is a terribly impersonal word. Because if someone were merely an employee it wouldn’t feel so much like the end of an era when they decide to move on. At outré creative we’re team members, who share ideas, offer support and take pride in what we produce together.

So tonight we’ll be raising a toast to Rebecca, who has been so much of what makes outré creative the agency we love. Your protégés promise to honour the company style guide and tone of voice you created, ensuring your influence carries on.

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