The week that was – 26 october 2018

written by Matt Brady

It’s not every day you get invited onboard a warship.

But outré creative can now say that we have been, when the HMS Queen Elizabeth pulled into port in New York.

The mammoth ship was taking a break from carrying out flight trials off the east coast of the USA. Weighing in at 65,000 tonnes with 700 crew on board, it’s set to enter service in 2020.

HMS Elizabeth NYC

outré creative’s Managing Director Aidan McCann was asked onboard to celebrate the UK-US ‘International Trade Day’ organised by the Department for International Trade.

International Trade Secretary, Dr Liam Fox MP, described the event as a chance for “some of the UK’s most innovative businesses [to meet] their US counterparts.”

HMS Elizabeth NYC NYPD

Aidan described the evening as ‘simply amazing’ – unsurprisingly. From the military escort on his way the ship, to meeting a number of forward-thinking entrepreneurs onboard, and enjoying an evening like no other – simply unforgettable.

During the event, the UK Board of Trade also took the opportunity to name the 2018 winners of its eponymous award. We missed out this time. But we’re still really happy to be thought of as being among the UK’s most progressive international businesses.

And we hope that one year soon, we’ll clinch it.

Back to business

Things are going great at home and away for outré creative – though we’re not sure which one is ‘home’ and which is ‘away’ at this point. Surely by now, they’re both ‘home’?

Either way, the creative teams both sides of the Atlantic are nailing a number of challenging briefs as I type, and I’m being called back to the flow.

Until next time…

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