The week that was – 3 november 2017

written by outreadmin

It comes about when you’ve had one of those curiously calm water weeks, with minimal amends, consistently pleased clients and some excellent office banter. And then, out of nowhere, halfway through your lovely Friday afternoon, the piercing sound of the proverbial hitting the fan descends upon you.

And it’s never one thing that suddenly goes haywire; it’s eight different projects and their dogs. That’s when the agency goes into a scramble to get things done before leaving for the weekend. The studio mood shifts, as emotions run high and hopes of a 4pm finish are dashed.

Today, on this incredible partially sunny Friday in November, our lovely smooth sailing week was met with turbulence. We’ve had to get our heads down and work work work – to the pleasant drone of a Gorillaz playlist to take the edge off. And if you’re wondering what a Friday scramble feels like, we’ll tell you. It’s infuriating, stressful, a little bit shouty, but ultimately the most satisfying adrenaline rush.

The conclusion of a Scramble is met with elated expressions, triumphant smiles and calls all round for a pint in the pub down the road. Moral of the story? Even though things aren’t always a breeze in the outré creative studios, they’re certainly never boring, and they’re always rewarding.

So if you ever find yourself in the midst of a Friday Scramble, stay calm, don’t panic and think of the adrenaline fuelled pint on the other side of 5.30pm.

Have a great weekend folks.

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