The week that was – 30 november 2018

written by Matt Brady

For the last few weeks, it hasn’t been unusual to find at least one or two of us lurking in the studio long after dark. Or the early risers heading in for some productive time before the day really begins.

Sure, there have been some really tight deadlines and challenging projects to work through, but what makes it all worthwhile is hearing a client call our work “awesome”, “beautiful”, and “phenomenal.”

Particularly when there’s more than one client saying the same things. And especially when the feedback’s coming some of the biggest companies on the planet.

So while we’re all pretty tired, we’re very happy to hear that our clients are loving what we’ve been doing.

New names to learn

The team is still growing. We’ve been recently joined by Kara Brown, who’ll be managing the office from here on out, and Ryan Brown, our new senior designer. Among his most recent projects was a global rebrand of Chelsea Football Club – and we’re really looking forward to seeing his exciting work in action at outré creative.

But the number of new joiners also meant we actually ran out of desk space this week.


A few of us got to spend Monday morning rearranging the office to squeeze new desks (and more bodies) in. While others got to spend the morning working from home.

I’ll let you guess which ‘lucky’ camp I was in…

Until next time!

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