The week that was – 9 february 2018

written by outreadmin

It doesn’t have to do with winning more business or delivering superior results, it’s much deeper than that. A desire to make a difference to the world we’re a part of every single day.

Now I know those first couple sentences may have encouraged some eye rolls but what we’re actually talking about is something as practical as being environmentally friendly. I think almost everyone’s come away from an episode of Blue Planet swearing to be a better person and save our marine life from certain plastic death. outré creative has always been a green agency but we’ve decided that these are desperate times and which require us to step it up a notch or two.

That’s why every member of the team has regrouped and come away with even more severe policies for reducing paper use, recycling every item possible and entering into a committed relationship with our bags for life. Waste paper bins under desks have been banned, forcing everyone to walk to the main recycling bins and really think about what they’re throwing out and where it should go. Lunches now must be purchased and carried using bags brought from home, and when any food containers are thrown out, they’ll go through rigorous rinsing first.

The reality is that we’re all part of this planet which we enjoy everyday and while we may only be a handful of individuals, our contribution is certainly better than none. And if you’re reading this and feel yourself nodding in recognition, join us on environmental policy 2.0, up the ante and take a 2018 approach to eco-friendly.

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