The week that was – 9 november 2018

written by Matt Brady

The office is getting busier by the second with a gang of new outré-ers joining, including this week’s addition: Account Manager, Salina. She practices kung fu, wears multiple scarves, and eschews coffee in favour of green tea (which I wouldn’t be able to deal with). She’s supporting Paddy in ensuring our clients are happy as can be.

It’s been a hectic week with lots of fireworks (thanks Guy Fawkes) – and some lovely client feedback which makes for great Friday news. Two of our clients have absolutely loved the work we’ve done on their customer service portal and a set of bills (respectively).


As ever, we’ve got to the weekend slightly out of breath and in need of pizza, so a couple of days chilling out (or in Jasmine’s case, going to two gigs in two days) is just what the doctor ordered.

And next week? Well, a bunch of new exciting projects are about to land, with all their own challenges to conquer. Let no one say life is dull at outré creative.

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