The week that was – 13 october 2017

written by outreadmin

But before we switch off for a couple days, let’s take stock of what we’ve achieved in 45 hours this week.

A well-known utilities company commissioned us to write and design 90 different versions of their bill. No, my friends, that isn’t a typo, we do mean 90. Thinking of all the work that goes into the humble bill does make you look at it with considerably more respect.

We did win some business across the channel courtesy of la belle Paris. We also helped a big financial services company make a splash with a press piece released this week. They went bananas for it – literally. Our attention-grabbing design featured this lovely piece of fruit. Needless to say the studio was ripe with banana puns all week.

Some of the outré creative team will be ending their week in East London at the 2017 Copywriting Conference. If you happen to be there too, come and say hello!

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