The week that was – 22 june 2018

written by outreadmin

We’ve been pumping out a lot of great stuff this week.

I say ‘we’ – it’s only my second week with outré creative, so I can’t take much (any) of the credit. But they let me back here after the first week, so I’m taking that as a good sign.

What else is outré creative up to?

Other jobs we’re currently all over include renewal letters and emails for the members of various institutions, plus a ream of letters and emails for several utilities firms. Which are all looking great, in our very un-biased opinion.

As well as all this, the team have been using their information design expertise to optimise various bits and pieces, showing our clients exciting new ways of doing things – which are imaginative, but still results-driven.

They’re still at it now, though the end of the day, and the start of the weekend, are tantalisingly close.

No silly faces, please

In less serious news, we’ve also been posing for new team photos in our little mews. We learned two things: Vans will always turn up at the worst moment, and you should always check the photos before hauling the sofa you’re sitting on back into the office.

But (with thanks to an exceptionally patient neighbour) we got the job done. Expect to see these on the website soon.

So that’s another week over at outré creative – have a cracking weekend, and we’ll see you on Monday.

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