The week that was – 6 october 2017

written by outreadmin

The reality is that we work really damn hard to make the things you see and read everyday. So we’ve decided to sweep back the curtains and give you some more clarity.

Every Friday we’ll be posting a brief round up of our week. We’ll have to be a little mysterious, as we can’t release client names and projects, but you can turn it into a fun guessing game. Hey it’s a Friday, make it a drinking game.

Mondays begin with the allocation and distribution of the weekly workload and the drawing up of the team to-do list.

The rebrand of a particular energy company has been an ongoing project. Because they’ve decided to change their name (a decision we wholeheartedly support), we’ve worked on giving them a complete new image and everything’s wrapping up nicely.

We’ve also been building email templates and designing letters going out to customers of a mortgage company. Plus, we’ve been designing mobile and tablet sites for two well-known car brands (and debating which model would make the best Transformer).

Preparing for two pitches in New York, both for insurance industry giants, has generated much excitement, strategy planning, writing and design. And staying across the pond, we’ve been perfecting the app user experience for a well-known organisation. It’s pretty cool to watch the future of healthcare services take shape just across the studio.

On that note, it’s almost the weekend so have a fab one and we’ll catch you back here this time next week!

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