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Thanks to our user-first experience, we understand how to create engaging apps that don’t just look great.
Getting the right balance of functionality and features can be tricky but it’s a challenge we relish, thanks to our background in user-first information design.

We’re big believers in apps being fit for purpose and not just flashy, taking users on a clear and concise journey that allows them to do what they need to do. We strip out the detours to help them get straight to their goal in a way that adds value to your brand’s digital repertoire without unnecessary bells and whistles.

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Vhealth by Aetna app digital design

Snapshot vHealth by Aetna

A global health insurance company, Aetna International is upping the game when it comes to digital innovation.

Moving from provider to partner, they’re exploring how technology can transform their members’ day-to-day lives and make staying healthy less of a hassle.

We teamed up with Aetna to bring their virtual health assistant app to life: an initiative enabling members to book video consultations with their doctor, order prescriptions and manage their medication on the go. We lead the creative direction, working up wireframes in agile sprints, developing a new sub-brand identity and rolling it out across all interactions. Virtual health in a swipe.
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