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Developing a visual identity means going much further than creating a logo or look book.
We create brands that make a lasting impression at every stage of the customer journey.

We take our usability design expertise and create brands that work just as well on your shiny sales materials as on your nitty-gritty day to day documents. It’s this holistic approach that helps you stay consistent and sure that your brand promise, message, values – whatever you like to call them – are communicated from start to finish without any shortfalls.

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Verex brand image of car dials

Snapshot Verex

Over the last 20 years, automotive insurer Verex has built strong partnerships with some of the biggest names in the driving game.

Jaguar? Land Rover? Mazda? You name them, they’re a part of the family.

Delivering robust business affinity programmes, they’re finding new ways to increase profits and help manufacturers maintain their customers through exemplary experience.

With slick services behind the scenes, they needed an identity with impact that showcased their inside-out knowledge of the industry. We pimped their logo, colour palette and typography in line with the big guns and souped up their website, bringing it up to speed.
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