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From setting great first impressions with your application forms to making the claims process customer-friendly, best practice form design and language break down the barriers to getting and giving what you need.
There’s a lot you can do. Revamp your paper forms and capture all the right information to make box-ticking friendly rather than infuriating. Go one step further and eliminate errors with seamless onscreen forms that work with what you’ve got behind the scenes.
Or get slick with browser-based online forms that intuitively ask all the right questions to take the nightmare out of form-filling.
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MetLife form design

Snapshot Metlife

With one of the most known buildings on the New York City skyline, MetLife is a global force to be reckoned with. A leading provider of insurance and annuities, they manage billions on behalf of their customers.

They’d been refreshing their user experience and chose us as the form experts to help. We started with their Retirement Portfolio forms working up a customer-first design treatment that eliminated the form-filling burden.

We then took it a step further to consolidate the entire suite into a single dynamic document, bringing webform functionality into a saveable PDF that can be completed offline. With progressive revealing, error validation coding and back-end integration, we slashed the internal processing time and eliminated submission errors to ensure MetLife delivered on their promise as a customer-centric company.
Could your forms do great things on paper and online?