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Matt Brady
Pt Capital is putting the northernmost reaches of the planet on the investment map.

Operating out of Anchorage, Alaska, and Helsinki, Finland, its focus lies in opportunities in some of the coldest places on earth.

That might sound like a pretty niche market. But with a team which has managed some $3.77bn in assets, Pt Capital is in a great position to deliver potentially exceptional returns for its clients.

A few years ago, the firm was looking to raise money for its Pt Arctic Fund II. And it needed a stunning website to show investors they’d come to the right place.

The Pt Capital team asked us to use our creative web design skills to improve its online credibility and support the proposition.

From old to new

We always take time to investigate what’s not working as well as it should, before we plunge headfirst into a creative web design project.

Pt Capital’s previous website spoke to its strengths, but it under-utilized a fantastic image library. And it didn’t feel like it had nearly enough depth to give investors confidence.

The design was responsive, but felt dated, Plus, elements layered over each other made the site feel overly busy. It needed a fresh start.

Starting over

The site needed a restructure as much as a redesign.

On the old site, it was quite hard to find key resources like the firm’s portfolio. And it felt like no matter which page you landed on, you were really only scratching at the surface of what the company stood for. How could investors be sure of who they were dealing with?

Our first task was to set out a new sitemap to improve navigation, and set out the new pages we needed to build. With a clearer view of how things would look when finished, and Pt’s initial approval on our plans, we pressed ahead.

Creative web design, mobile view - Pt Capital

Using the existing logo as a starting point, we developed a sophisticated blue/grey palette which settled well against the Arctic backdrop while also feeling natural for an investment firm. We developed new brand devices for online use. And we carefully thought about which fonts would present Pt Capital in its best light.

We used photography throughout the site: a mixture of beautiful landscapes and human activity, to portray the region’s active and vital industries. This took a step away from the beautiful – but barren – landscape photography of the previous design.

Putting these elements together, we created a very clean design, utilizing sharp lines inspired by the icy landscapes of the Arctic Circle. As a result, the branding blends seamlessly into the photography, while the mixed weight typography adds a touch of class to the site’s headings.

But design was only one half of the job. The words needed to do a lot more to convey Pt Capital’s strength.

The power of words

Having great copy is just as integral a part of any website as its visual elements.

The previous site made some impressive statements. But it lacked the clout to make a concrete argument to investors on why they should choose Pt Capital to manage their money.

Having a storytelling element is also really important. Just saying something isn’t good enough, if you don’t have the narrative to back up your claims. So we rewrote the site from start to finish, making sure each page made a strong case to investors.

Digital design, tablet view - Pt Capital

First, we spelled out Pt Capital’s strategy in plain terms, to help investors understand the choice they’re making, and explain what the big deal was.

From what the region has to offer, to the strong industries working there, we gave them all the reasons (and reassurance) they needed to make their decision.

With all our copy and design in place, we’re pleased to say the new site is now live. Take a look and see what you think.

Our creative web design services

If your website is feeling a little tired, let us help you out.

First, we’ll think about how to push your brand and use it in the most effective way possible. Then, through a series of iterative wireframes and creative web design work, we’ll produce something that stands head and shoulders above your competitors.

We don’t fiddle with existing elements – we step back and start from scratch, to create something really amazing.

And with every project, we take care to lay out a detailed website specifications and guidelines, to make sure the build goes smoothly. This also comes in handy when our clients come to build any future expansions of their website – though of course, we’re happy to help with those too.

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