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Our information design studio has more experience in designing bills and statements than most.
We produce crystal-clear copy and design so your customers can understand every word and figure, cutting down inbound calls and making bill payments faster. And at the same time, by being clear and transparent, you're building customer trust.

But we don’t think of them as single-purpose documents. We use as much personalized data as possible to highlight the most important bits for individual customers, rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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Snapshot First Choice Power

First Choice Power is a Texas-based electric company serving customers from Houston to Dallas, Killeen to Abilene.

We were asked to design a bill that would work for both First Choice’s English and Spanish speaking audiences.

With the deep knowledge of our information design studio on our side, we devised clear copy and developed a switched-on design approach. As well as a straightforward information hierarchy to help customers find the answers they needed right away.

It certainly did the job. Our clear design and effective language won 1st place in the Center for Plain Language’s ClearMark Awards.

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