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Whether it's a product leaflet, a new report, or a corporate brochure, we'll make sure your clients, customers, and investors get your point.
We're old hands at creating great-looking product literature. But when there's loads your customers or clients need to know, it's easy to swamp them with more than they can handle. Meaning they might never get to the crucial bit.

We start by building information hierarchies to prioritize the most important things. Then we apply a creative touch to take even the most transactional documents to the next level.

And some good news: we're also experts at boiling down all the technical bits into easily-digestible info. So even the most tricky of information becomes transparent.
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For nearly 150 years, Marsh has helped its clients manage risks and protect their businesses. We helped it communicate a little better with its high net worth clients.

We created new personal insurance review brochures, with that specific group of clients in mind. Our clean design has a premium feel, and the color-coded layout, coupled with confident copy, ticked all the right boxes.

We rationalized the content (reducing duplication and merging related information to make life easy) and improved navigability. Plus, we shortened the overall length of the document by 50%, making it much more of an easy read.

Now, clients can see exactly what's covered at a glance. All their limits, policy terms, and coverage details sit neatly side-by-side. Clean and effective.

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