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Your teams are helpful and friendly.

But if your forms aren’t so easy to get along with, your customers won’t have such a great time.

We're an information design company with an eagle eye for the fine details. We redesign forms (paper, digital, and online) to make things simple for your customers.

The outcome? Increased engagement, less dropout, and fewer customer errors. So you get more business, and don't have to spend time chasing follow-ups.

We don't settle for functional forms either. We think they should look as great as everything else you produce to give customers a consistent journey across your brand. In short, we make forms your customers will actually want to fill in.

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Snapshot MetLife

MetLife manages billions of dollars across its insurance, annuity, and employee benefits programs, with a whopping 100 million customers worldwide.

They asked us to help put its customers first throughout their form journeys, both online and on paper.

Our information designers took a close look at six of its printed forms and realized we could merge them all into one, saving customers hours of filling in fields, and staff hours of processing time.

And we streamlined the entire digital experience by making it interactive. Relevant questions reveal themselves to users as they fill in their answers, so they only ever see what they need to, cutting down on wasted reading time.

While we were at it, we reduced internal processing times and eliminated online submission errors, by making sure that these forms self-validated and aligned with MetLife's back-end systems, so that form data can be uploaded at the push of a button.

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