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It's a really powerful way of getting people to sit up and listen – but you might not have heard of it before.
Predictive science is all about tapping into your customers' instincts, rather than convincing them you're right – effectively, skipping the middle man.

It makes the journey from your first 'hello' to a successful sale (and a delighted customer) much shorter.

We start by taking a deep dive into your customers' data to get to grips with what they want from life. Then we tailor messaging and visuals to match, provoking an instantly positive response.

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Predictive Science - NY Jets

Snapshot New York Jets

Thousands of fans flock to the NY Jets game for every home game.

But even with the most dedicated of audiences, you can't take anything for granted.

And you can't assume they all think the same way. We worked with our predictive science partners at PathSight to create comms for three distinct 'clusters' of people within the fanbase.

The core messages stayed the same, but we altered the visuals, copy, and themes to appeal to each cluster.

By developing content and visual messages which targeted each cluster's ingrained attitudes and thoughts, we were able to drive instinctive reactions and improve email open rates by 62%, while massively increasing brand engagement. We don't think that's bad going.

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