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Doug Dunn - outré creative
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Doug Dunn
It’s been one hell of a year

It’s December and the white studio in Farringdon is glimmering with fairy lights.

At outré creative, we haven’t stopped. We’ve grown. In fact, we’ve doubled in size this year. We’ve taken on a host of new clients, and we’ve produced exciting, innovative work.

The studios in London and New York have played home to a lively, imaginative team of designers and writers, ready to work on anything and everything. We’ve signed off brochures, websites, portals, campaigns, whole suites of letters and bills.

We’ve even created a brand tone of voice for two moustachioed icons.

We’re gearing up for a break

We aren’t slowing down yet. Briefs that can be delivered before Christmas will be. We’re making sure all our clients are prepared to start anew in 2019, hitting January’s floor running.

And there’s the Christmas party. We’re called outré creative for a reason. We’re unusual, unconventional. So our party is too. We’re eschewing turkey and stuffing for an Indian feast, complete with elegant cocktails and gift-giving.

It’s going to be busy for our last week in the office. But we aren’t ignoring the festive feeling. Our designers and writers are rapidly creating, but they’re doing it accompanied by Mariah Carey on the speakers; the clean precision of the studio with the haphazard joy of the season.

Our own unique way of doing things.

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