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Martine Farrugia
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Martine Farrugia
It’s Fri-yay! Five days zoom by faster than a week under the Spanish sun (I don’t believe this is an official analogy but it has a certain warmth to it don’t you think?).

Since the last few days have been a blur of bustling productivity I thought I would just reduce it to the need to know headlines. So here it is – outré creative’s week in numbers.

5 – Proposals for new projects we would be absolutely thrilled to start working on.

4 – Packets of chocolate cookies. We’ve realized there’s real danger in leaving the beauties lying on desks. We’ve since implemented a ‘take what you need’ policy to keep sugar crashes at bare minimum.

3 – On-site client workshops. We love visiting client offices because getting a true feel of the company culture is the best way to write and design genuinely.

2 – Broken New Year’s resolutions. We won’t go into detail here, internal team shaming was sufficient.

1 – Complete new brand and website design for a revolutionary way to buy insurance. It hasn’t quite hit the market yet so ‘shhh’.

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