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We’ve ironed out all the paperwork, and we’re proud to say we’ve officially moved into our new New York office. Slap bang in the middle of the Flatiron District.

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There’s lots going on in our new neighbourhood (or should that be neighborhood?). Madison Square Park is just around the corner, the Empire State Building is a few minutes up the road, and the view from our office is pretty fantastic too.

Let’s grab a coffee sometime. Whenever you’re free, just say hello or swing by.

Back in the UK

While our new office is by far the most exciting news of the week, nothing has stood still in Blighty. It never does.

We’ve been working our way through the usual creative mix of tasks, boosting brand performance and making life easier for customers while we’re at it. We’re currently preparing for a brand new app design project and creating a tone of voice for a financial services client. Plus, we’re wrapping up an exciting digital campaign.

Meanwhile, the office World Cup sweepstake presses ahead. A lucky few of us are still in it to win it, testing our patriotism against the chance to win a bit of cash.

The winner, no doubt, will treat us all to a choc ice or two…

So good luck to England this weekend, and we’ll be back with another update for you in another couple of weeks.





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