Aetna International

A healthcare partner.
Not just a healthcare provider.

Aetna's always going the extra mile, to make a real difference.

  • App design
  • Portal design
  • Strategy

It’s transforming its members’ lives, with exciting new technology and a
forward-thinking way of doing things.

We teamed up to design its vHealth app for release in India. The app lets members book video consultations with a doctor whenever they need to talk, order prescriptions and manage their medications.

We developed a vibrant sub-brand, worked through all the functionality, and made sure we side-stepped insurance speak, every step of the way.

We’ve created a lot alongside Aetna’s team.

Because they’re not the only ones who believe in long-term partnerships.

App: vHealth sub-brand development — 2017 / 2018

Portal: business policy management — 2017/2018

Print: EOB statements redesign— 2016 / 2017

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