Anglian Water

Small ripples and big waves, for one of England’s largest water suppliers.

Keeping customers in the know.

  • HTML emails
  • Form design
  • Bill design
  • Portal design
  • Communications and campaigns

They love every drop. We love every job.

As a water supplier in one of the UK’s driest regions, Anglian Water doesn’t just make sure there’s water flowing from its customers’ taps – it needs to know that there’s enough water available tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day.

We’ve helped it push this message to thousands. We’ve shouted about it in water-saving brochures and emails, and designed bills that aren’t just easy to use – they clearly show people how much water they’re using, to encourage sustainable usage.

Bill design — 2018/2019

three ps

‘Keep it clear’ campaign — 2018

We’re regulars on the Anglian Water roster, taking care of everything from one-off emails to full-blown portals, and from simple letters to complex forms.

And everything else in-between.

Print design: tariff advice pamphlets — 2017 / 2018

anglian water comms
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