Less interest, more interesting: helping people get savvy with credit.

Helping a major UK lender look after long-term customer relationships.

  • Brand development
  • Website design
  • Portal design
  • App design
  • Language consultancy

Talking about debt’s not easy. We’re helping NewDay to loosen lips and get people’s balances on the move – onwards and downwards.

While it might not be a household name itself, NewDay’s the lender behind a huge number of high street credit and store cards. As with any other lender, sometimes customers can find themselves a little too deep as they try to make ends meet.

That’s not what NewDay wants to see. It’s taking positive steps to support people who have found themselves a little weighed down, letting them know about all the ways it can help them find some breathing space. With a little help from outré creative.

Digital design: credit management website — 2018

chubb portal

We set our information design team to work, building clear statements for NewDay’s customers, to make it obvious what’s going on, and help people keep a watchful eye on their balance.

We then wrote, designed, and strategically positioned an online ‘credit health hub’.

It’s designed to tell people about all the different options they have, so they can find smart ways to save money by paying less in interest. And we’ve created a flurry of comms for NewDay, sending the message that paying a little more today could cost a lot less in the long-term.

We’re sending the right message, with the right mindset.

Digital design: credit management website — 2018

chubb insurance
chubb portal
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