Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information. Your device downloads them whenever your visit a website. And then they’re sent back to the site every time you visit it, or another site that recognises that cookie.

How do cookies help?

They make our website work as you’d expect, and they make it quicker and safer to get around it. We use as few as we can on our site, and only to make your time on it as best as it can be.

What don’t they do?

They don’t:

  • collect any information that can personally identify you (unless you say they can)
  • collect any sensitive information (unless you say they can), or
  • pass information that can personally identify you to third parties.
How can you turn them on or off?

You can opt in and opt out of all cookies (apart from the ones that are strictly necessary to make the site work) below.

Allow only necessary cookies.
Allow all cookies.

You can turn cookies off completely by changing your browser settings. (But it may affect your experience on our website, and any others you visit.)

If you’re worried about spyware, you might want to think about using anti-spyware software as it automatically deletes cookies it considers to be invasive, without affecting how sites work. Learn more about managing cookies with anti-spyware software.

Which cookies do we use on our site?

We use three types of cookies on our site.

Strictly necessary cookies

Without these cookies, you wouldn’t be able to move around our site.


Performance Cookies

These cookies tell us how visitors use our site. Like which pages they go to most often, and if they see any error messages. This information is completely anonymous and aggregated, and we only use it to improve how our website works.


Targeting Cookies

Sometimes, our advertising partners set cookies on our website. We use them to build a profile of what you’re interested in, so we can show you relevant adverts on other sites. They don’t store personal information about you, but they do uniquely identify your browser and device. If you don’t allow these cookies, you’ll get less targeted advertising.

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