Digital design

When done right, it makes life (so) easy

At their best, digital experiences are so slick, you hardly notice you’re using them. Because there’s nothing to figure out.

You can always tell if you’re on a website, portal, or app that misses the mark, because you have to stop and think.

What does this button do? Where will this link take me? How do I get over there?

If users have to think, wait, or stop, they can get frustrated pretty quickly, just like when they have to wait too long for a page to load. Every wasted second takes your users closer to jumping ship.

We know exactly how to keep them on board.

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Increase sales? Boost sign-ups? Something else? No problem.

When we talk about digital design, what we’re really talking about is design practices which actively direct users to be where they want to be – and where you want them to be.

By thinking about what users are trying to achieve with every click, tap, and scroll, you can give them what they need right away. With no friction holding them up, your next sale, conversion, or sign-up is always just around the corner. We’re realists – not every visitor to your site is a ‘sale waiting to happen’. At least not right off the bat. But give them a site that’s effortless to use (and looks fab), and it’s your brand that’ll be first in mind the next time.

Not just a pretty face

Looks matter. But they’re not enough by themselves.

UX is the element of digital design which takes care of the functionality behind the front-end. It’s all to do with the thought process which ties even the most complex systems tie together. That means thinking about all the fine details, in more detail.

We excel when things get difficult. Tactical and strategic thinking helps us to break down the problem, identify common user flows, overcome regulatory needs, and still produce a user experience that, at the end of day, gets people over the line.

If you’re struggling to crack that nut, you need some outré thinking behind you.

Still not convinced?

Then here’s the need-to-know: investment in digital design can deliver incredible returns. We’ve increased conversions by 30% for a fast-growing UK bank on launch day alone. And helped Aetna International build a revolutionary ‘telemedicine’ app, vHealth, allowing its members to get advice, prescriptions and referrals from qualified doctors – without leaving the house. It’s early days yet, but the app’s absolutely going places.

We’re convinced that no matter how good something is, it can always be better. Because UX design follows a feedback loop. It’s not a straight path to victory.

That might sound like bad news – but it’s not. It means that you can always make more money, by doing whatever it is you already do today. But better.

And if there are only small niggles to iron out? You’d be surprised at what a few tweaks by a digital design agency can turn into.

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