Smooth (and exciting) digital design

The best digital experiences are so slick, you barely notice you’re using them. Whether it’s a website, portal, or app, it’s almost like they move with you, knowing exactly what you need next.

While the best digital campaigns make you take notice, grabbing your attention in just the right way. With both, you’re left with an impression of the brand that stays with you. That’s the ideal state we strive to achieve with all our digital work. And we like to think, we do it quite well.

Digital design in action — the outré way


Flexing our creative muscles to build a new membership hub.

Combined Insurance

Building a new digital accident insurance experience.

Our digital design process

Diving right in rarely leads to great results. We carefully plan and manage our work through several key stages, building up from your users’ needs to create wireframes as we move towards the final product. Yes, we’ll design something that looks great. But that’s not enough.

The experience needs to be usable and implementable. So, we develop a collaborative process with your teams to make sure what we’re creating is feasible. (And that it excites you.)

We’re multi-disciplinary

We’re as interested in bringing your brand to life across digital touchpoints as we are in using best-practice information design to ensure well-structured UX.

Our mix of skills lets us take care of end-to-end experiences, with a balance of big ideas and practical know-how.

Users (always) come first

People are at the center of every digital design project. We always start by developing personas and detailed use cases, to understand how they’ll use the end product.

These strategic insights help us wireframe the experience and stress-test it by asking the right questions, so that we can optimize the approach as we work.

And since people aren’t glued to one device, we devise responsive digital designs for a seamless experience.

Taking control of the feedback loop

Digital moves quickly, meaning that nothing is ever perfect for long. Staying up to date is easier with a partner who’s on top of the latest.

We can help you rethink and rework digital designs when the time comes — and as often as the time comes.


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Great digital design works best when it’s backed by a great strategy and branding.

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