Information design

Explanation design. User experience design.

Whatever you call it, our information design agency's been banging the drum since the day we set up shop, 20 years ago.

A heady combination of human nature, behavioural science, effective language and graphic design, it champions what customers want and, ultimately, makes life easier for everyone.

Information design gets into the nitty gritty of every touchpoint: looking at how all the different elements need to work together to actually deliver on your big brand promises. (Because there’s nothing worse than a company that doesn’t follow through.)

  • bills
  • letters
  • statements
  • websites
  • forms
  • portals
  • brochures
  • apps
  • reports

It pays off, too

Content that’s been designed using information design principles will save you money (and make you money too). As much as £600 million in six weeks. (Yep, really. It’s amazing what a good piece of design can do.)

Take bills, for example. For most utility companies, they’re the most important brand communications they send. And they send them each and every month. Meaning if they’re not getting them right, they’re not getting them right over and over. And over. Not a good sign for customer satisfaction.

It’s not rocket science: a good bill design (or statement, let’s not forget about the banks) makes complex information easy to understand. It tells people what they need to do (pay), when and how.

And while we’re at it, let’s talk about buying an insurance policy online. Two words: information overload. You’re never sure what the jargon means, how much it’ll really cost (don’t get us started on the lack of transparency), and whether you’ll be covered when it comes down to the crunch.

Information design irons out all these niggles right from the off, because it looks at how the customer journey, user flow and important information needs to come together to create a logical

narrative for the reader. It looks at things from the inside out. Because #thedevilsinthedetail after all.

And the best thing of all? Information design is just as effective in an all singing all dancing above the line campaign, as a tricksy transactional document. And with a stellar visual identity on top of it all, everyone’s a winner.

It’s not every agency’s bag

Information design agencies are a rare breed. It takes a crack team of detail-oriented creative designers and word-nerd writers to pull it off. (Fancy meeting them?)

You have to find that sweet spot between form and function, style and substance. And if we’re being completely honest (which we always are), there isn’t another creative design agency out there that focuses on nailing that balance.

We get it though.

Not everyone sees why it’s so important to get things like letter design spot on, or make sure a form design gets just as much attention as a logo.

But when these are the vital, everyday ins-and-outs of how you communicate with your customers – you’d be crazy to leave them out of your strategy.

We could wax lyrical about annual report design, and how we make stories out of statistics. Or you could ask us questions for days about customer portal design. But we know that sometimes, a picture’s worth a thousand words – it’s why icons, emojis and the like are all the rage – so we’ll let our creative do the rest of the talking.

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