Getting to know Jasmine Welsh

Jasmine joined the team last month.

What’s she up to at outré creative?

How’s your first month been?

I’ve not really had time to think about that yet! It’s been so busy, straight into helping out with some great work. I’ve already worked on a variety of digital and print projects, email campaigns and brochures.

The ten-minute welcome was super lovely though, and the pinboard message: ‘Welcome to the team, Jasmine :)’.

But it’s exactly what I was looking for in a role. Design isn’t just a job (at least for me), it’s something I really enjoy doing.

In terms of the team, everyone is so lovely. The environment is very positive to work in, with everyone buzzing about and lots of exciting things going on around me. I think this will be a really great place for me to learn and develop.

And I’ve already learned a lot about some of the team’s good and bad music taste…

Before you joined the team, where were you? What led you to the outré way?

I always thought I wanted to strictly be a print designer, so I set my sights on some of my favorite magazines once I left university. I got a role working for a large media company in Camden Town where I got to work for some amazing magazine brands like Q, Mojo and Grazia.

I also got to dabble occasionally with digital design and branding, and I realized that I was limiting myself. I wanted to do more. outré creative definitely has the variety I was looking for!

Who would you say inspires your design work the most?

I have a broad range to be honest. Matt Willey has always been a design hero of mine, co-founding Port magazine and his work with The New York Times Magazine.

I met him once in New York on a University trip and we got to visit the NYT office. He told us all about the typography behind the logo and I think it was the best 45 minutes of my life! I love the detail and thought that has gone into keeping such an iconic brand true to its roots, while still feeling ‘current’.

The designer who originally got me interested in graphic design was Peter Saville. My family has always been into music and I remember being so intrigued by the album covers we had, especially Pulp, New Order, and (of course) Joy Division.

I loved how you could get a feel and an idea of music through the imagery. So I always veer towards similar artists like Tibor Kalman (who designed the cover for Remain in Light by Talking Heads) and Barney Bubbles.

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of work. What are your passions (besides designing great things)?

Well, if you haven’t already guessed from my previous answers… music!

Cliché, I know, but I love going to gigs and watching any type of live music. But I’ve always had a soft spot for the 80s, and I wouldn’t be in a design career without it!

To put it into perspective though, I have 6 gigs booked just for October alone, including traveling to Amsterdam to see one of my favorite bands. Then 3 in November so far, which is low, but there’s still loads of time to book some in.

Another passion of mine is tattoos. I have lost count of exactly how many I have (and how much money I have spent on them)! I have a sleeve on my left arm, quarter sleeve on my right, half sleeve on my right leg – and others scattered around.

What have you found out recently that surprised you?

In Alfred Hitchcock’s film Psycho, stabbing a casaba melon created the shower scene sound effects. Not sure how useful that information is, but still surprising!

If you were a type of biscuit, which would you be, and why?

As long as it can be dunked in a cup of Yorkshire tea then I will take it. I would love to be submerged in Yorkshire tea. However, if you don’t pick chocolate digestive as your favorite biscuit, that’s criminal.

And finally, if you could pick one dream client to work for, it would be…

I think it would be really interesting to work with a tattoo shop or artist, building their branding and identity.

I think a collaboration between a really talented artist and a designer could create some standout work! And perhaps get me a discounted tattoo or two…