The week that was – 28 september 2018

written by Matt Brady

One, two, three.
(New designers in the space of a month.)

Jasmine Welsh joined the team on Monday, while Veronica and Aless have been settling in over the last few weeks.

Welcome to all (again) – and we’ll be saying hello to a new writer in a couple of weeks too, to help keep our clients’ copy as sharp as the visuals we create.

And we’ve also got a new Design Director (though she was already here – congratulations to Eve, who’s just finished her second week after taking a step up at outré creative).

It’s all change, while we continue to navigate the normal (heavy) workload.

Nailing it

You ever have those weeks that feel like two weeks at once?

We’re finally getting ready to surface for some weekend oxygen, but all our hard work has definitely paid off.

We’ve been meeting and working alongside some fantastic clients in the States, while the engine room here has been churning away producing all sorts of creative wonders.

There are some exciting bits and pieces being prepared by various clients for launch in the near future – and we’re really looking forward to seeing them go live.

In the background, we’re gearing up for the launch of our US website, where we’ll be showing off some of the great work we’ve taken care of from New York.

We’ll be back with another update in a little while. See you later!

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