The week that was – 18 may 2018

written by outreadmin

This week, we’ve enjoyed many a conversation about projects we’re working on, what’s coming up and our ideas.

Much was said about client needs and expectations, and this brought to mind the thought that a large part of what we do every day is hold our breath and wait for the client to give us the nod of approval after we present a first visual.

Having clients across multiple continents, primarily England and America, means that language, design and branding preferences are extremely fluid, due mainly to cultural differences. Aside from obvious things like grammar and spelling, the divide drills all the way down to humour (humor), colour (color), photography and even typography. A pitch that’s sure to go down a storm in the UK will easily bomb in the US and vice versa. And if you’re wondering how to navigate this minefield, the answer is simple. All you need is a multicultural team and years of experience working with global companies. Fortunately outré creative covers both these bases. And while it’s hardly an easy brief to meet, we thrive on the challenge.

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