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A friendlier portal for a friendlier gym

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Push, lift, shift… We moved things around to help PureGym inspire a healthier nation, with an online portal that’s in top form.

PureGym’s a new breed of gym. Pushing people to be their best, it’s open 24/7 in most locations, so people can drop in whenever they’re free.

But with fewer staff on the floor than the average gym, the phone lines were getting busy.

To help people find what they needed without waiting in line, we worked with PureGym to create a helpful online sub-identity, putting active photography, new brand elements, and a refreshed palette into play.

Portal: membership hub — 2017/2018

puregym portal

Now customers can find what they need with a click, swipe, or tap. It fits in with the self-serve ethos of the gym – everything’s available and ready for you. (But there’s help on hand if you need it.)

And to promote the new portal, we developed ads for a whole load of in-gym touchpoints, from gym walls to personal trainers’ T-shirts and locker decals.

And we created an active ‘user counter’ inside the portal so people could see how many people were in there with them.

Building a sense of community, even outside the gym walls.

Portal: membership hub — 2017/2018

puregym case study
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