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Accident Champion
Insurance for Injuries

A brand-new digital experience

As a large and leading supplemental insurer, Combined Insurance’s model has traditionally relied on a wide network of agents to introduce people (and their families) to its products.

But in 2020, the global shift towards digital economies rapidly accelerated. So we helped it take its first steps into the digital D2C market.

Support from start to finish

As we were starting from scratch, we had to create everything Combined Insurance needed to promote and sell the product.

From a creative digital advertising campaign to the quote and buy process (created by our information design experts), we took care of it all.

We grabbed attention with a series of social ads and fully animated videos focusing on how accident insurance can help protect what matters most.

And we then turned our hand to a suite of emails. Half to help persuade customers to buy. Half to offer extra support once they’re on board.

Getting the messaging right

Accident Champion pays cash for covered injuries.

It’s a simple product which can mean a lot to people’s finances when it’s needed most.

We tuned the core premise through the lens of several key personas, to help create different messages focused on their individual concerns, but also on the shared basic need for affordable healthcare.

Reassuring visuals

Many brands offering accident insurance focus on injuries in their marketing materials. We took the outré route. 

Opting for the brand’s existing optimistic orange and a range of photography showing people enjoying life, we made the experience feel positive and upbeat.

By softening the topic, we made it more approachable, and more enticing for customers — to help them find the right protection for themselves and for their families.

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