Clean & Clear

Aetna International
Digital Proposition

Experiences made seamless. For all walks of life.

Aetna International puts its members first,
with healthcare built around their needs.

We helped Aetna showcase this commitment, by developing a series of digital experiences centered around its customers.

Bringing everything together

From a cutting-edge Health Hub to slick online enrollment screens, we worked on a range of websites and portals designed to make healthcare clearer and easier to understand for customers.

With users in every corner of the world, each touchpoint had to work seamlessly as part of a global brand — with a focus on functionality, to make navigating and managing coverage options simple and straightforward.

A holistic hub for healthcare

An action-led portal, the Health Hub we developed for Aetna made it simple for users to take control of their coverage. And all from an intuitive dashboard that leveraged information design best practices to keep members engaged.

Aetna also wanted to position itself as more than an insurer. With content and advice specifically focusing on wellbeing, the Health Hub showcased Aetna in a brand new light — as a holistic partner for health and wellbeing. 

A fresh lick of paint

Information design and branding are natural partners. So while we were reworking Aetna’s online enrollment screens, we applied a fresh new application of the brand — to make sure everything looked as good as it felt to use.

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