Care & Convenience

Aetna International
vHealth — Telehealth App

An easier way to get medical help

vHealth puts your doctor on speed dial. We helped design the app, while thinking about patients’ needs at every step.

This was a brand-new initiative from Aetna International, one of the world’s most prominent private medical insurers.

Top-notch UX

A solid foundation is critical for any digital design project, and when something as vital as healthcare relies on an app — that only ups the ante. 

The essence of telehealth is its speed and convenience. We couldn’t afford to slow down patients with awkward steps.

So we put our initial wireframes under the spotlight again and again, until the UX and core user flows were seamless.

Visualizing vHealth

We devised a gradient palette, balancing recognizable and reassuring medical blue tones with touches of green to refresh and modernize the experience.

We then put the palette into action alongside polygon-based graphics, representing how the app connects with all patient needs, and brings them into one place.

The technology to transform lives

That’s a big claim, but it does hold up. The app has helped to reduce the need for physical consultations by over 70%.

Particularly for rural communities where there’s limited access to medical support, that makes a huge difference.

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