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A fresh look,
voice, and feel.

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A blank slate. Almost limitless opportunities.

Our complete strategic rebrand of HealthCare International (HCI) positioned it as a friendly face in a market that customers often find hard to understand.

With every piece of the puzzle up for grabs, we took a close look at what mattered to consumers, and let that (rather than technical policy details) lead the way.

Print design: policy documents – 2017

We rebuilt the brand from the ground up, picking out a colourful photography library, a charismatic typeface, and all the other bits and pieces HCI needed to be an eye-catching contender.

From there, we drew up brand guidelines to bring it all together – including advice on how best to write for customers going forward.

And we created every single piece of collateral the business needed to get started, for all its key audiences.

Portal: international online enrolment — 2017/2018

hci portal
hci portal
hci macbook

Portal: international online enrolment — 2017/2018

healthcare international book

Print design: Plan brochures 2017/2018

Prioritising clarity
and customer engagement

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