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Climate Microsite

Taking urgent action.

The environmental dangers of climate change are a major global concern. The impact it has on economies is less talked about — but no less serious.

The General Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) asked us to help it highlight the risks of these rapid environmental changes on business, to educate its members and provoke new thinking about this critical risk.

Shifting landscapes

It’s a big story to tell. GARP asked for our help in telling it.

We created a microsite that shared the facts with risk professionals, integrating words with visual language in a dynamic digital design.

With a balance of engaging animated elements and interactive tools, the site keeps people informed, while also presenting the key statistics in a very digestible form for skim readers.

The risk ripple effect

With climate change, GARP’s primary concern is the damage it does to business activity.

So we drew out the key points, in that context, on a ‘Story’ page. We used plenty of examples to explain the situation, while making sure the graphics added to the narrative.

For example, there’s a draggable tool that lets risk professionals see how far waters could rise over the next 100 years.

The practical demonstration is useful — because it doesn’t only translate into flooded facilities, but into exposure for insurance and mortgage books.

The story continues

Climate change will continue to affect businesses, even as they take steps towards a more sustainable future.

Alongside the ‘Story’ page, we created a second key section where GARP could keep its audience up to date – called ‘Insights’.

For this ‘Insights’ section, we created flexible templates for news, interviews, articles, webinars, and podcasts, so that the team could continue to post the latest items quickly and easily, and keep risk professionals in the loop.

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