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Credit Card Health Hub

Talking about debt isn’t easy

NewDay is the name behind a number of high street credit and store cards, with over 5 million customers in the UK.

We helped it loosen lips and get people’s credit card balances on the move — onwards and downwards.

Supporting credit card customers

NewDay wanted to provide extra support to customers weighed down by their debts, offering extra breathing space and new repayment options to help them clear their balances faster.

Our digital design team sprang into action with a take on the subject that definitely doesn’t feel corporate or stuffy — because we knew we had to step things up to get customers engaged.

Less interest, more interesting

We created a digital hub for all NewDay customers, to help them see a path out of debt.

Livening up the subject and focusing on the positives was key to our strategic approach. Though it was equally important that we chose words carefully, to be sensitive to challenging individual situations.

With a supportive and upbeat tone, and lively visuals, our aim was to get people to engage with a potentially difficult subject, by presenting it in a whole new light.

Helping people see the impact

Some people find thinking about their finances particularly difficult.

It was important that along with the educational content, we helped people visualize how extra repayments could help them.

To that end, we designed an interactive calculator to show them how to start working towards a debt-free future, and make a real difference in their lives.

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