Unity & Familiarity

Victor Insurance Brand Consistency

A global group

Victor is the parent brand behind a number of insurance companies around the world. We’ve been helping it keep things in step across many of its major subsidiaries.

The aim of our work is to strengthen Victor’s impactful brand — so that brokers and agents know they can expect the same level of quality from them all.

A single face for the brand family

We’ve put the Victor brand into first-class use across a number of its sub-brands and subsidiaries: Victor UK, Victor Canada, Dovetail and Go Victor.

And with every project, we make sure the brand looks and feels the same.

However, we dial things up and down depending on the context, so that campaigns stand out, and user interfaces are clean and easy to use.

Best-in-class digital design

Our digital designers have made sure the brand looks fantastic across a number of websites over the last couple of years.

From a core site for its UK operation, to its agent-facing platforms Dovetail and Go Victor, everything’s simple but sharp. 

And where a more in-depth view was needed for Dovetail’s agent portal, we set our information designers to work to create a seamless experience.

Victorious campaigns

Dovetail lets insurance agencies do business in a new way. We helped spread the word, driving engagement with informative infographics, a fun interactive quiz and more.

For Victor Canada, we created a social campaign to prompt retirees to think about how to spend their time — with the right protection behind them.

And whatever’s next, we’re ready for it.

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