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Putting the northernmost reaches of the planet on the investment map.

Opportunities in the coldest places on earth.

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  • Language consultancy

Pt Capital’s in a great position to deliver for its clients. It’s managing some $3.77bn in assets from its bases in Anchorage, Alaska, and Helsinki, Finland.

But the Pt Capital team needed a hand, to improve the business’ online credibility and support the proposition as it pushed for investment in its Pt Arctic Fund II. They were looking for creative web design – and we gave them exactly what they needed.

We first explored their under-used but exceptional photo library of snowy vistas and stunning mountain ranges. And then set about redesigning the site to make it clear to investors that they’d come to the right place.

Digital design: Pt Capital website — 2018

We developed new brand devices for online use, and picked out curated photography showing human activity, to show off the region’s active and vital industries. In contrast, the site had opted in the past for beautiful – but barren – landscape photography.

Putting these elements together, we created a very clean design, utilising sharp lines inspired by the icy landscapes of the Arctic Circle.

Finally, we helped Pt Capital to tell its story, making a strong case to investors and offering all the reassurance they needed to make a decision.

Digital design: Pt Capital website — 2018

Digital design: Pt Capital website — 2018

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