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Pt Capital
Website Design

Investing in the Arctic

Pt Capital specializes in opening up and managing private equity investment opportunities inside the Arctic Circle.

With a new fund on the horizon, its website needed attention to ensure that potential investors found the key messages attractive — and credible.

Naturally stunning photography

The previous website featured beautiful, but barren, shots of the Arctic landscape.

While impressive, we believed that for the sake of the digital experience, more could be made of the region’s active and vital industries for investors.

Our selection of photography shows these in action, to help represent the real opportunities and stave off any notions of the region as desolate or empty.

Pushing the brand

Besides photography, we found plenty of other ways to help make the Arctic come to life within the design.

We introduced containers with sharp edges to reflect the icy landscapes where the investment capital ends up.

Meanwhile, the mixture of sans serif and cursive (‘handwritten’) fonts helps to present Pt Capital as being businesslike, but also like no other.

Telling the story

We developed a distinguished tone of the website to attract investors and hold their interest, while emphasizing the opportunities with the visuals.

Next, we wrote the entire website with a fine eye for the details, to steer investors through the history, Pt Capital’s strategy, and the possibilities.

To make the promise of an investment landscape like no other.

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