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Financial support in later life

Retirement offers so much free time and so many opportunities.

However, in reality, you need money to support your ideal lifestyle. Which is where L&G and its broker network come into the picture.

L&G has a long history in asset management. It would have been easy to settle for a ‘traditional’ set of visuals.

But we wanted to really push the boat out to grab attention with our approach.

Retirement research

L&G had found out that 51% of over 55s saw money as the key obstacle standing in the way of their goals.

So we helped make brokers more aware of equity release products to help clients fund a better retirement.

And we made sure that despite the complex topic, nothing ended up feeling dry or procedural.

Retirement isn’t what it used to be

We created a lively digital campaign, using further L&G research on the hopes and dreams of the over 55s as a key source of information on what they really want to do.

The campaign covered a range of amazing ambitions including visiting Australia, buying a motorbike, mountain climbing, and skydiving. (And getting a six-pack.)

By showing brokers what was on clients’ minds, we helped them open up conversations to make people more aware of their financial options in retirement.

Supporting the key message

Alongside the attention-grabbing digital ads, we designed reports and brochures containing detailed interviews to give brokers the full picture.

The in-depth details are important, but we made sure that everything followed the same visual thread, to lend the technical pieces more energy.

And soon after we wrapped up this campaign, we helped bring a similarly lively visual execution of the brand to L&G’s offices too!

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