Free Time & Freedom

Victor Canada
Retirement Campaign

Time for big decisions

After nearly five decades of hard work, retirement gives people the chance to finally find the time for their passions.

They deserve it.

We helped to get those approaching retirement excited about the opportunities ahead, with a strategic social campaign that brought their dreams to life.

This is their time

We took the time to really get to know the audience; their concerns, their interests — and their social media usage — to paint the full picture, before delivering an approach that truly sets Victor apart in this space.

And the real difference is that by engaging with the audience on an emotive level, we turned the protection into a ‘best life’ enabler.

The clock is ticking

The campaign ran through a limited period during which people could enroll without medical checks. And we needed to get people to take action, even while responding to ‘soft’ visuals.

So the videos featured cheerful characters making the most of their time, while we turned the Victor ‘V’ into the hands of a clock, to communicate the urgency behind the playful visuals and messaging.

The next step of the journey

We designed a landing page that highlights the benefits of coverage and drives customers into the purchase flow.

But for those a little unsure, we expanded on the campaign by bringing a few of our characters together in a downloadable guide.

We told their stories, to give examples of how health, travel, and life insurance can benefit people as they live out their golden years — doing what they enjoy the most.

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