Building a new insurance brand that puts pets first.

Pets. Humans.
Who rules the roost?

  • Brand development
  • Website design
  • Portal design
  • App design

We’ve created a pet insurance brand from scratch (pun intended).

TrustedPals lets dogs and cats take the lead, to show the humans how it’s done.

People love their pets. There’s a universal truth for you.

What they don’t always love is pet insurance. Not because of the cost – who could begrudge their best friends the care they need? But the products are complicated, the exclusions are tricky, and the brand experiences often fall flat.

Dogs and cats wouldn’t care for insurance jargon or overly corporate visuals. So, we thought, why should TrustedPals fall in line with the rest?

We wanted to create an experience with as much personality as the pets the insurance offering looks after.

Digital design: website
and brand assets — 2019

TrustedPals website

From naming to developing detailed brand and tone of voice guidelines, we built up an entire brand which speaks to pets in a way they understand (and when absolutely necessary, to their humans too). And it makes use of personable photography and illustrations, without falling into the ‘cutesy’ bracket.

After that, we put together a website and portal (or Pawtal) which put users’ needs first, making it easy for them to buy, manage, and find out more about their plans. So that they have more time to look after their pets.

Plus, we created print and trade show collateral, social media ads, videos, strategic persona development and much more. We even helped to decorate the office, to make the brand an everyday experience for the TrustedPals team.

We’ll be working on the brand, an app, the communications strategy, promotional videos and much more over the next few years.

As the TrustedPals pets would say, “Let’s go, go, go!”

Social ads – 2019

And all the rest… – 2019

Trusted pals t-shirt
trusted pals leaflet
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