Connection & Warmth

Northern Gas Networks

From internal to external branding

Northern Gas Networks (NGN) delivers gas to 3 million customers across North England. With plenty of work to do, it wanted to re-energize its internal teams.

So we created a campaign that pushed the brand values, excited people and highlighted the good they do as a team. From there, things evolved at light speed.

People, not pipes

It’s workers doing the heavy lifting and braving the cold weather up north, so that others can enjoy warm homes. To reflect that, we put forward the people-centric tagline ‘We are the network’ for the internal campaign.

The new approach certainly put smiles on faces inside the business. The NGN team liked the thinking so much, they asked us if we could make more of the creative strategy, but this time, for its entire external brand. So we did.

Connecting people

Gas pipes supply gas. Obviously. But they also play a vital role in creating the thriving communities reliant on this connection.

A key feature of the brand is people-based photography (both workers and customers) overlaid with warm color tints.

These photos are often used alongside an illustrative pipe device to help to connect the stories being told. But the people come first.

Rolling it out

From lanyards to a full suite of brochures, documents, letters and more, we rewrote and redesigned nearly everything in NGN’s library.

We made sure the new brand was not only represented consistently, but that every piece of collateral was a perfect example for every other piece to follow in the future.

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